Small Groups

We currently have 5 different Small Groups that meet in people's homes throughout the week. We see Small Groups as 'communities of CHANGE centered on the gospel.'

TUESDAYS in Roosevelt Square at the Larsons' @ 6:30 PM. Contact for more information.

TUESDAYS in Tri-Taylor at the Waglers' @ 7:00 PM. Contact for more information.

WEDNESDAYS in Pilsen at the Carters' @ 7:00 PM. Contact for more information.

THURSDAYS in Logan Square at the Engs' @ 6:30 PM. Contact for more information.

THURSDAYS in Chinatown at the Ennises' @ 7:00 PM. Contact for more information.


We have an Intercessory Prayer Team that prays for everyone in the church by name every week. They also pray for all requests that come in to And we have a prayer meeting on the first Wednesday of every month. We pray together for ourselves, each other, the needs of the church, the city, and the world.

Church Planting

Our mission is to be a multiplying community and thus we are committed to doing whatever we can to consistently send people out and start new churches. Immanuel was a church plant in the early 90s and was re-planted in the UIC Area in 2005. In 2010 we planted our first daughter church - Christ Redeemer Community Church in the West Loop (that church sadly isn't still meeting). We're currently praying and planning for another church plant somewhere in the city. We have also helped plant other churches and have formed a Church Planting Network with them called GOSPEL for Chicago. We want to be part of a movement of gospel-centered church planting in Chicago.

We recognize that our vision requires an intentional leadership development plan so we can be multiplying leaders at all levels. A major component of this is the Pastoral Apprenticeship Program that is part of GOSPEL for Chicago. This year-long immersion in pastoral ministry is for men who sense a call to full-time pastoral ministry of some kind. If that sounds interesting, find out more here.


We love to gather together and sing God’s praises in gratitude for who he is for us in Jesus! We have a rotation of a few different teams of musicians who lead us on Sundays. Our style is eclectic – the best of the old and the new. We always strive to find solid theological content set to music in a way that stirs the soul.

Children's Ministry

We want to support families in the city! We believe it’s not only possible, but necessary for more Christians to be raising their kids in the city. We offer a Sunday School every week from 10:00 – 10:30 AM before the service for kids ages 6 and up. For kids ages 5 and under we staff a Kids’ Corner during the service. See our Core Convictions regarding Children’s Ministry at Immanuel for more information on our philosophy regarding this ministry.


We prize tight-knit community and at the same time try to avoid insularity. We have a Koinonia team that's tasked with being a catalyst for authentic, organic, missional community. They organize things like showers, Dinners for 8, holiday parties, outreach/service events, and our annual Summer Retreat where the whole church goes away together for a weekend. The goal is not to program fellowship, but to jump start it and give it a missional direction.

The Joint Outreach

As a church we are committed to our neighborhood!  Together with members of The Near West Vineyard and The Church of the Beloved, volunteers from Immanuel meet from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month to serve our neighbors who live in and hang out around the ABLA homes.  We serve a meal and share the gospel with them.  Contact for more information or if you'd like to join us.

International Missions

We love the fact that we're part of something truly global! We have an International Missions Team that works to maintain our global partnerships and raise awareness at Immanuel of what God is doing around the world. Currently we have relationships with: